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Alternative Water Source and Conservation

The City of Joliet is in need of an alternate water source, which currently draws water from the Ironton-Galesville aquifer. The Illinois State Water Survey data indicates that at its current usage rate, the existing water source will no longer be viable by 2030. As the third most populous city in northeast Illinois, Joliet has the ability to lead the way in sustainable water sourcing throughout the region. The Rethink WaterJoliet initiative started with a study to identify an alternative water source for Joliet’s water supply and continues with the design, construction and formation of a regional water commission. The City of Joliet hired a team of consultants to guide the Rethink Water Joliet initiative. We lead the communications on this project. 

We have put water conservation on everyone’s radar. We’ve taken the lead on public involvement initiatives including strategic communications; stakeholder identification and coordination; data gathering and comment management; event planning and coordination; graphic design and content writing; website content and design; social media; newsletters; presentations; press releases and more. 


City of Joliet

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