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Pace Arterial Rapid Transit "Pulse" Program Program Management & Project Oversight for Pulse Milwaukee Line

The Pulse Milwaukee Line is the first of seven corridors to be implemented and Pace wanted to share their vision with stakeholders: to improve mobility and travel choices throughout northeastern Illinois by providing passengers with faster service, shorter wait times, and enhanced station amenities with convenient connections to other transit. Images, Inc. promoted the new brand and service and developed a comprehensive campaign to reach stakeholders as well as advertise, plan and staff the public meetings. The Pace Pulse public meeting raised the bar in transportation public involvement by treating the event as an exciting kick-off to an innovative new program that will benefit thousands of people in Chicago and the suburbs.

Images told the story of the new service in a way that resonated with audiences with bold and creative graphics and engaging content. The campaign reached thousands of people through dozens of positive media stories, which complemented the digital and print marketing campaign. All of which resulted in a public meeting that entertained and engaged attendees, making people excited to attend an event usually associated with overly technical information.


Pace Suburban Bus

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