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Statewide &
Regional Planning


From local and regional to statewide plans, we collaborate with our partners to provide comprehensive public involvement for long-term planning of transportation, safety, rail, community, and capital projects. We identify key audiences, gather feedback, and deliver ideas to generate public involvement that drives successful projects.

CLIENT: Illinois Department of Transportation

The Illinois Department of Transportation is expanding its multi-modal approach, bringing active transportation to the forefront. The Illinois Active Transportation Plan will serve as a long-term framework for improving access to active transportation across the state, including walking, biking, and connections to public transportation.

We are providing statewide coordination to encourage stakeholder and public participation across Illinois. Images, Inc. developed a communications plan and provides guidance on stakeholder engagement, coordinates stakeholder meetings, and leads social media strategy and content. In addition, we are coordinating focus group meetings across the state. An emphasis on community participation with active transportation is critical, and we are part of the effort to ensure that diverse voices are heard.

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