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Community Investment & Improvement


From reimagining downtowns and investing in parks and utilities to leading Capital Improvement projects, We drive discussion of stakeholder experiences and priorities and leads collaborative processes that result in products, services, and campaigns that meet the needs of our clients.


CLIENT: City of East Moline

East Moline, one of the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River in Illinois, received a $23.7M Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant in 2022 to enhance connectivity and accessibility between the downtown areas. This landmark project will enhance the community and quality-of-life by providing better connections and improved safety and walkability. Consisting of three unique project areas – Downtown, The Rust Belt, and The Bend – the Greater Downtown East Moline Revitalization project is currently in Phase II with Final Designs slated for late 2024.                  


We are leading strategic communications on the project and guiding the team to ensure effective public involvement. Our team's extensive and enduring relationships within the Quad Cities, and our deep understanding of the area's vision and goals, provides us a platform for success.  In coordination with the City, our team developed an Advisory Committee to seek feedback from key stakeholders including businesses, community leaders, and bike/walking clubs. Our team is also bringing expertise in media relations to engage local media via news conferences and other formats to ensure this project receives the attention it deserves. From developing an engaging project brand and website, to coordinating successful, well-attended public meetings, we are building community enthusiasm and participation for this transformational downtown project.

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